Meet Raysoft’s think tank!!

The team runs on ideas and is results-driven. We bring different skills to the table which in whole fuels the entire system. Give us a shout, and we will be sure to reach you packing up our idea bags to help you achieve what you aim for.

Raju Sambandam

Founder and Proprietor

Govindarajan Varadan

Manager, Business Development (BPO)

Chitralekha Vijayakrishnan

Asst.Manager Support Desk

Aarthi Pathmanaban

Asst.Manager Digital Marketing

Prabhakaran S.P.

Manager, BPO-Nonvoice

Deepa R

Asst.Manager, BPO-NonVoice

Parimala K

Asst.Manager, BPO-NonVoice

Sagayam Dass

Asst.Manager, BPO-NonVoice

Karthikeyan V

Manager - Operations

Sudhakar Thirumalai

Assistant Manager, (Fin & Acc)

Ravichandran K

Assistant Manager, General Admin

Sankar Elumalai

Assistant Manager, Networks

UdayKumar R

Team Leader, Software Development

Purushothaman D

Sr.Executive, Human Resources

Praveena Gunasekaran

Sr.Executive, Human Resources

Employee Testimonials


Keerthi Velu

Team Leader - BPO

*Been provided an opportunity to Learn everyday*

I am Proud to work for Raysoft Technologies, because it gives me chance to become part of a professional and dynamic team.

Provides an opportunity to learn new and interesting things. it is a place where teamwork and skills are encouraged and highly Valued.

Working since October 2012


Zita B

Senior Executive-BD

I will call it a home. I see that many employees are here since a long time which allows deep integration into business and ability to create pathways.
Efforts are always appreciated here,which keeps us going an extra mile to serve even more better.

Overall the company allows us to give suggestions and take decisions. Last but not the least, I feel we have a very positive work life balance here in Raysoft.

Worked from January - Augest 2021


Kalpana M

Specialist - Web Research/Data Processing

I am working here since 2014. Raysoft provides a good carrier growth to one's who needs to develop their Internet based skill development.

Raysoft provides work based training and a safe environment to all workers with full job satisfaction.

Working Since September 2014


Madhivanan Ilangovan

Junior Executive-BD

I have been working in Raysoft technologies for the past 8 months Without a doubt, I can confidently say it is the best job I had so far in my career

When you have team members showing true affection, understandable managers and humble MD, what else do you need! I'm lucky to be a part of this wonderful company and keen to work many years in Raysoft.

Working since March 2021


Bridget Mary Pushparaj

Senior Executive-SD

I can work independently without any intervention by my managers and have freedom to share my thoughts on project executions across departments.

Working since february 2020




A employee will gain more and more knowledge from here if he/she wants to grow in his/her professional career.
A stress free work environment.

Worked from 2016 - 2021


Padmapriya S

Senior Executive-BPO

There are so many wonderful things about working for the company.
I also love the company culture and enjoy working with everyone.
Having a forward-thinking, and supportive company, that understands employees are their greatest asset.

Working since July 2016


Uma Maheswari P

Specialist - Web Research/Data Processing

I have been working with Raysoft since 2015. I can proudly say this is my best move. Work environment is good.

Raysoft is fundamentally a strong organization with a lot of opportunities to learn.

Working since february 2015