Software Development

Why Raysoft?
Raysoft team develops effective solution to meet your diversified business needs. Complete stages of software development life cycle are strictly followed in software development team to develop requirements driven and client-friendly software.

We go extra mile to bring out the best results with efficiency This developed software’s requirements fulfilment and usability checks are double checked by a Quality team and further implementation will be undertaken subject to Quality team’s acceptance.


All developed softwares will be released to client only after a formal approval from Quality team.

We undertake software development using the below said platform :

Development Tools : Microsoft Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Eclipse
Languages : C#, PHP, VBScript
Databases : Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL, MYSQL


  • From the good old days of programming in Visual Basic to coding under C# DOTNET our team had executed several desktop applications spanning multiple application areas and mostly relying on Ms-Access databases, which later on got migrated to Ms-SQL Server. Our previously developed applications are

    * Warehouse Management / Fleets Management with Inventory
    * Quality Compliance and Quality Costing in Manufacturing Industries
    * Barcode (Single and 2-D Applications)
    * Real-Time Instrumentation (RS-232/485 Interface) software
    * Configuring, Programming and Monitoring
    * Data Logging and Reporting
    * Student Payment system using Magnetic Swipe card reader
    * QuickBooks Integration

  • Web applications developed comprises of

    * Trip Planner for Denver and Chicago (GIS-Related)
    * Liability Scoring Survey (Insurance) Software for Physicians
    * Online File Management for Lawyers
    * Online Quote System for Electronic Instrumentation
    * Credit Card Processing / PayPal Integration

  • * Ms-Access/Other Database migration to MS-SQL Databases
    * All Application interfaces to backend data

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