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At Raysoft technologies, we help businesses with well programmed (Functioning) software solutions to gain a competitive edge. We helped many businesses transform their digital presence effectively, with operational efficiency as the key priority.

Our Company has more than 20 years of experience and our expertise helped many businesses to connect with technology. software development team to develop requirements driven and client-friendly software.

So, if you are looking for the Best Software Development company, let us connect with our experts.

"Raysoft Technologies has Innovative and agile Software team"

Our team uses ethical techniques to execute their task. We value our client money and time that helps us maintain long term client relationships.

Platform & Server

We undertake software development using the below said platform

Procedure Involved in Our Software Development Service

Here are the steps involved in our software development process

Gathering and analyzing data

To get an outline of the software, we collect information from clients ie: target audience, type of data that should be added, data output and a lot more.

It allows our team to get the much needed information to focus on. Based on the comprehensive particulars, a detailed document is created, which works as a roadmap for further tasks.

Drafting Template Design

The team drafts the template design, which is a first step toward bringing ideas into a design.

This practice enables developers to get software architecture information like what the hardware and system requirements are.

This step plays a vital role in the following steps.

Coding and Implementation

Once the requirements are finalized, the coding begins.

The developers now create a perfect design by dividing design steps into units and modules.

This step takes the most time than the other tasks.


In this step, our developers test the tool. It is considered as the most crucial part of the entire software development process.

One wrong code can cause repetition of the entire procedure, The testing includes but is not limited to integration, system, and non-functional testing.


Testing results are taken for further fine tuning, and any issues that arise are solved by precision.

We then deploy the software to customers to use.

Regular Maintanence

If you think it ends here, then, No. When the Customer side deployment is successful, we stay connected with them to solve any hitches.

Our team makes sure that our customers have hassle free operational experience. Regular feedback and updates are taken from the client to provide complete support.

Raysoft Technologies | Reliable Software Development Company

Only experienced company can meet the software requirements, so know our specialties and attributes

20+ years of experience

Skilled Developers

Knowledge upgradation

Efficient execution

Customised Solution

Agile Methodology

Robust Testing

Regular Support

Why associate with us for software development Service?

Raysoft team develops effective solutions to meet your diversified business needs. Complete stages of the software development life cycle are strictly followed in the software development team to develop requirements driven and client-friendly software.

We go the extra mile to bring out the best results with efficiency. This developed software’s requirements fulfillment and usability checks are double checked by a Quality team and further implementation will be undertaken subject to Quality team’s acceptance.

All developed softwares will be released to clients only after a formal approval from the Quality team.

Our Services

Desktop Applications

From the good old days of programming in Visual Basic to coding under C# DOTNET our team had executed several desktop applications spanning multiple application areas and mostly relying on Ms-Access databases, which later on got migrated to Ms-SQL Server.

Our previously developed applications are

Warehouse Management / Fleets Management with Inventory
Quality Compliance and Quality Costing in Manufacturing Industries
Barcode (Single and 2-D Applications)
Real-Time Instrumentation (RS-232/485 Interface) software
Configuring, Programming and Monitoring
Data Logging and Reporting
Student Payment system using Magnetic Swipe card reader
QuickBooks Integration

Web Applications

Web applications developed comprises of

Trip Planner for Denver and Chicago (GIS-Related)

Liability Scoring Survey (Insurance) Software for Physicians

Online File Management for Lawyers

Online Quote System for Electronic Instrumentation

Credit Card Processing / PayPal Integration

Database Development

Ms-Access/Other Database migration to MS-SQL Databases

All Application interfaces to backend data

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