Web research and Data processing


Go For Expert Assistance :
Gathering Volumes and volumes of data and processing them to create operational information for any further business use should be done meticulously.

This could sometimes be mind-numbing if done without proper help.

Having an online assistant, who would provide you best processed and updated information every time there is a need, is really a great support to have.

We do automation and semi-automation process to reduce cost and time, with improved scope and quality.

Service Expertise

Our list of services include but is not limited to

Cut and Paste Website Content

Keywords Links Extract

Online Data Scraping

Manual Extraction of Data from websites

Contact detail extraction (Company /Executive Info)

Gather email addresses from websites

HTML/PDF/ News Feed Data Extraction

Automated Web Extraction Tools

Contact List Cleanup

Word and Excel Formatting and Alignment

Data Verification & Validation

Catalog OCR - Separate Image and Text

Word and Excel Template Creation

Text to HTML Files

Mailing List Conversion

Compile Medical Glossaries