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Digital Marketing Company

Leading Online Marketing Company for Fulfilling your marketing needs

Digital marketing became the essence of the business and is the need of the hour.
In Particular, this pandemic has triggered the digital industry and in turn compelled many businesses to move online and incorporate internet solutions into their service structure.
With the growing demand for digital solution providers and marketing agents, the overall search boils down to an agency that provides trusted consistent result-driven service.
Our Existing clientele trusts Raysoft as their Online Marketing Agency to achieve this.

We offer Website Development, Software Development, SEO, SMM, Mailing list building,
e-Commerce store Management, Email Marketing, Website Marketing, local online marketing and Content Marketing.

We work on every aspect of Digital Marketing and make efforts to grow your online business in an effective manner.

Digital Marketing

Gone are the days when businesses employed sales and marketing professionals to do random calls to get one hit out of 1000 calls made a day.

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Software Development

Complete stages of software development life cycle are strictly followed in software development team to develop requirements driven and client-friendly software.

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Web Development

Raysoftians bathe in ideas and our curiosity brings the best out of us. Chasing after the details gets us the well qualified and decorous web designs.

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Admin Support

Business process Outsourcing (Non-Voice). Managing daily activities to help run your business needs Manpower. It cannot be a one-man show.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does internet marketing work?

    Internet Marketing promotes a business, service or a product by using Digital technologies and tools.

    The promotion is aimed not just to derive sales but to create an online presence to build customer relationships at any point possible.

    The promotional activities include email marketing, social media, display advertising, search engine optimization, Google AdWords, and more.

  • In Simpler terms, buying and selling goods or services via the internet is eCommerce .i.e., Electronic Commerce.

    eCommerce altered the way businesses used to operate. In the current trend, one can literally buy any product that is needed. It can be easily said that millions of people could go berserk without eCommerce in place now.

    Every Industry and every business giant has eCommerce integrated into their business operations.

    eCommerce can be started out by building a website that lists out your product or service. eCommerce operates by making an order online, processing the order details, making payments (can be done both online and offline), and shipping the order.

    Still wondering how the customer gets benefited? The product they wish to buy is just a few clicks away. They have a range of options to choose from, a much better way than visiting a store front.

    eCommerce is now the hot business model and is irreplaceable.

  • Web designing is the process of planning, and creating the front end view of any online page.

    Mostly, the term is applied in creating websites. Website is the basic but primary step in generating leads. Users need a good front end design & structure to view and navigate around. A business can be recognized and regarded based on how the website is designed and structured. The typography, images, videos, text and all the content arrangements plays a major role in User activity on the website. Every second that is invested in this always pays off.

    Web development goes hand in hand with designing. Web development involves developing web pages to web applications. It works on activating the functionality of the front end design to make it usable.

  • Outsourcing SEO for any business helps in gaining expert assistance. Not just experts play the role, but access to a range of supportive technical tools which is paramount in any SEO activity.

    SEO can take up loads of time when you try to do it on your own and you may not always be aware which are the white hat SEO practices.

    It is obviously cost friendly compared to recruiting a full time assistance just for your SEO needs. A Digital marketing agency can provide wide varieties of services rather than restricting just to optimizing your website.

    You can save the time you spend on learning and DIY, instead focus on your core business operation, handing over the responsibility of SEO to an expert who can do it in a faster and better way in pocket friendly methods.