What are Backlinks in SEO?

Have you ever thought about how a website is ranked top on a search engine rating page(SERP)?

More precisely, whenever we search for something on Google, only the selected results will be on the top. How does this happen? What is making a website stay first or rank high on a search engine page?

When you want to make your website rank top, you need to rub up against all the facets of SEO like content, keywords, meta tags, and backlinks. One simple and highly used technique to rank a website is "Backlinks". This Strategy of SEO primes out of all, as it is considered to be Google’s reputation tool and also a promising method to make a website rank top.

A link from a website that connects back to another website is said to be a backlink. These are otherwise called incoming links or one-way links.

A backlink can be incorporated into anything that a user visits. It can be articles, press releases, case studies, blog posts, and other shareable content. Adding to this, infographics—backlinks can be from images too!

To make this happen, we need to brush up on what a backlink is.

All about Backlinks

Let’s have website A and Website B,
When website A has a lot of backlinks from various websites and holds higher Domain Authority, it actually means that website A has something creative and valuable and google is already prioritizing it pushing its ranking. In this case, taking backlinks from A would be beneficial for B website in many ways such as the trust factor of google will increase, the link juice of A website will be passed and ultimately, B website can take benefit of A website domain authority.

How do Backlinks actually help SEO?

Let us dig deeper into what backlinks are and how they help SEO. So, What do you need to do to increase the ranking of your website in search engines?

Time or Money?

The black truth is that “Time”. Spending time on a website can yield you a brand.

Let me explain with a scenario. You sell sunscreen and you have a dedicated website for it, When a user surfs for skincare on the internet and reads remedies on a qualified website, a backlink for our website should be incorporated to those niche relevant websites to get its value and link juice at the same time. You may also have to pay a certain amount to that blogger to place your website link. This whole concept called “Blogger Outreach”


How to Get Backlinks?

In the start, people choose to buy backlinks from websites despite toxic backlinks which are now is considered as violations of Google rules “Black Hat SEO Practice” This is because people concentrated on the number quantity of backlinks rather than how qualified it is instead of quality.

Later, Google stopped this process of getting the backlinks and penalises the website which also affected its ranking of the websites.

A good backlink should be created with utmost information and should have healthy content and should be incorporated into many trustworthy websites.

An ingenious idea is, to generate Backlinks for your website by doing internal linking because our every website page has its own Domain Authority which may pass on to another.

Finally, Are Backlinks worthy?

One thought that makes a vast difference in SERP will be undoubted “Backlinks”. There are some Black Hat techniques to get a high quantity of backlinks overnight but it will ruin a website as soon they are generated.

Good content doesn’t need an advertisement. If you share worthy and notable content for the users, there will be lots of doors that will make your content notable. Build content that your user wants and make it a problem-solving one.

Finally, Build anything for the users and this will increase your value and eventually your rating and others follow.


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