Local SEO - The Quick Guide

Local Search engine optimization is akin to SEO in the aspects of increasing the business visibility and generating organic traffic to the website.

But what makes it different? Let us dive into the details.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is a strategy used to increase the visibility of one’s business in the local search results or in SERP.

It is attuned to target local search results. Let’s say, you run a small flower shop, and you got yourself a website. How do you make people to know about your business? How someone in your location knows that your business exist? Will a basic SEO for your website be enough?

This quick guide will help you find those answers.

It is purely done to target the audience who are in commutable distance with your businesse’s physical location. Just a well optimized website won’t cut the deal. Even a business without a website and the traditional brick and mortar business can thrive via Local search engine marketing.

Local SEO for small business

The prime aim is to show up on the local search results. Let us not forget the example we took, you are still an owner of a small flower shop. A small flower shop, that does not have an online ordering system, will target the people in the town. You won’t intend to supply for the entire country, for now.

The primary step to promoting the business is working towards local ranking. When someone searches for a flower shop in the search engine, Google will show a list of results called as Google map pack.
Most people will choose according to this result.

What is a Google map pack?

This map pack is the list of business listings that shows up for a search query fired up by a user in Google in search of a certain business. This will be shown in a list of 3 results just after the ads section.

This list will show the details like the business name, address, phone number , and ratings with directions to the place via Google map.

How to rank top in the Google map pack?

There are a few things to work on to rank at the top in the map pack.

  • Create Google my business account
  • Optimize your GMB profile
  • Optimize your website for local search and mobile usability


How to optimize the Google my business profile for Local SEO?

GMB is the one place you can best deliver what your business is with minimal effort. Make the best use of the fields that GMB offers.

Let us look at the key elements in GMB optimization,

  • Google my business optimization starts off with adding NAP data aka Name, Address , and phone number. Make sure to add the correct information that matches the details you provided in the website.
  • Mention the service/product you provide, and add correct service categories.
  • Use keywords in the description, and add the information that a customer would search for regarding your business.
  • Attach as many images as possible that depict your business, and lastly benefit vastly from the reviews section.
  • The Reviews section is said to be one of the final decision points of the customers who search for any local business. It is indirectly a feedback from an unknown virtual friend for the users. Do not generate or buy fake reviews. Encourage and request your happy customers to leave their reviews and ratings in your GMB profile. Respond to their reviews. This will generate trust among the customers in your business.


Website optimization for Local search

How your website will rank on Local organic search results? When a user fires up a search in Google for a local audience targeting businesses, it returns a list of relevant sites. Google shows the websites which best match the user query i.e relevancy and proximity.


Google follows its algorithms and checks its index to fetch these web pages.

  • The local search queries are widely done by mobile users, so it is important to make your website mobile responsive.
  • It is cardinal to provide your business address and necessary contact details on the website.
  • The content, tags , and any linking done should align with the keywords or queries that a customer may use to find your business.
  • Take the technical factors like redirection and sitemap, in to consideration while optimizing the website so it could be easily indexed by Google.
  • So what is left to do? Aren’t we forgetting something important? How about your business or business mentioned in the places that are relevant.
  • No, we are not talking about billboards and printed banners, or your mascot standing on the sidewalk.
  • The most important technique you are left to concentrate is on link building.

Link building and Citations for Local SEO

Generating backlinks and inbound links is a prime method to bring visibility to your business. Getting a link from good DA and relevant site would highly boost the organic ranking.

Citations made to business-relevant directories , and platforms like Yelp, yellow pages , and business mentions in any general websites, forums and blogs will bolster your ranking.


Keeping up with the current trends of Google updates could be a bit of a hassle. It constantly updates and evolves its work mechanisms to perfectly deliver its operations. So it helps to be in touch with the developing trends of local SEO.

The paramount factor is not the Google ranking, but your business quality. Google will only bring in the customers, your service will keep them. You cannot sell something constantly if it is not worth selling. Satisfied customers will help you in your reviews, business mentions, and social sharing. Learn and gauge the customer expectations & experience to perfectly rank your business online and offline.

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