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When you think of creating your own website, it may seem like an uphill battle.

Yes, that is real. It’s a matter of finding someone who can help you lift it. Well, we’ve got one for you. There’s this software which helps wanderers like you. That’s pretty friendly and easy to use.

It’s WordPress which makes it simple for you.

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What Is WordPress?

WordPress the synonym of websites!

Wordpress is a software that helps you create a website on your own. You can create a site without having a single bit of knowledge about coding. It's a free website creation platform, from blogging to e-commerce services.

Wordpress is also used as a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS is a kind of software application. It helps you to create, edit, share, publish, and store digital content.

Fun facts:

  • Twitter has 156 million unique views per month. Wordpress has 163 million unique visits per month - according to Automatic.
  • Enjoying 61.8% of the market share, wordpress is the most used CMS by far - according to W3techs.
  • According to and netcaraft 35 % of the web has been using wordpress.

With WordPress, you can write and publish blog posts. With the advent of technology, WordPress websites have evolved to serve their users better.
Use Wordpress to build portfolios, business sites, e-commerce stores, blogs, and so on.

wordpress website vs.

Wordpress has two faces. Let’s find who they are. is the real WordPress. It’s completely free and open-source software.

It’s also called self-hosted WordPress, and you need a domain name and hosting to get started.

You can have full control over your site and you can customise it as you like.

Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of Wordpress, led a company Automatic which created
This Wordpress has 6 different hosting service plans:

  • Free hosting which is very limited
  • Personal plan costs you $48 per year.
  • Premium plan charges you $96 per year.
  • For a business plan, the cost is $300 per year.
  • E-commerce platform you have to pay $540 per year.
  • VIP plan starts with $5000 per month.

For a beginner, I recommend starting with a free plan and working your way up. If you would like to build and maintain your own website, using You can download the software and build the site as you go.

How to Build a WordPress Website

Building your dream site is clicks away!

It’s no wonder building a WordPress site. Website developers use WordPress to build websites, but not all. With a little practice, you can create a great website! Explore what kind of site you’d like to create. Creating your site is just a click away.

  • Find your site’s purpose
  • Pick a relevant domain name
  • Choose a web hosting
  • Download & Instal wordpress
  • Customize your wordpress theme
  • Install plugins
  • Shape and sculpt your wordpress site

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How to Launch a WordPress Website

Wait for it, don’t launch your site until it’s ready!

After you have painted your imagination on your website, review it once before you launch the site. Check these important things before you hit the launch button.

  • Check backup solution for a safety purpose
  • Don’t forgot to secure admin area
  • look for 404 errors
  • Make sure that email on your site is reliable
  • Test all kinds forms ( Contact, comment, and email subscription forms ) on your site
  • Check for better user experience
  • Ensure a proper loading of images, videos and sliders.
  • Confirm your social integrations
  • Verify your website performance
  • Install Google analytics to know readers interact with your site.

If everything is good, wait no more. Launch your site. It takes minutes to go live, depending on the content, plugins, and theme you’ve added to your site.

What’s next? Can I edit my site after launching? Yes !

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Wordpress makes it pretty easy for the users. Once you publish your site , you can make any edits you wish.

Final Word for Wordpress:

Wordpress is the magic wand for all web developers! It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner; you can master WordPress.
If you dream of a one-of-a-kind website, you can achieve it with WordPress. Start right away...!

Build your brand authority through an authentic website.

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