Moving your business digitally is the first step to stay competitive in your niche. Website is the primary aspect of representing your business and to generate leads steadily.

To outshine your competitors and to be leading the Market, you have to move heaven and earth.

It is a difficult feat but not completely impossible.
Careful strategizing, perfect and timely implementation will help you achieve that.

Let us keep in mind that shortcuts could be damaging, and Google can always track your website and any suspicious actions will be penalised.

Let’s look into the techniques that are proven to gain traffic:

1. Content Strategizing

Content is the keytool to Marketing and it is something that needs careful strategizing. Content strategizing is not a very random term, but something that shows the dos and don’ts.

Yet, Content strategizing and execution can be tricky, so what needs to be done? Let’s have a look:

    Plan your Content schedule
    Choose content based on your Customer lifecycle
    Exhibit your Unique selling proposition
    Incorporate only the purposeful and meaningful content
    Choose the right jargon
    Do not oversell
    Create content that best addresses the customer needs, queries and also advocates your service/product.

To Simplify, your website content should lead to a way for the visitor to become your client.


2. Tune Up Your Digital Social Platforms

Let us first answer these questions,

    Is it enough to prepare and exhibit all your perfect content on your website?
    How do people land on your website? Is it only by searching in search engines?

We can use the hot and happening Social media to our advantage to gain attention to your business and website. Social media posts can act as a quickest way for clients to know and reach your business.

Here are a few ways to drive traffic via Social media,

    Build your social media profile, and Fill out all the profiles completely. Use the website space, Story, about, other accounts link section.
    Use all its features to your advantage. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn offer a great deal of features to promote your Social media page including the analytics.
    Use relevant industry specific hashtags
    Don’t create mundane content, but let's keep it conversational by posting questions.
    The final step is to put CTAs that will direct the users to your website or landing page.

3. Google Algorithm

The User searching for a keyword lands up on the page when google searches the web pages for you. It follows some guidelines in shortlisting the most suitable pages i.e it follows the set algorithms.

All the algorithms in place cannot be easily found and defined. But one must always keep an eye on the prohibited areas to evade Google penalties, and put more work on the popular and extremely beneficial ones.


4. Schedule and Regularise

The sleeping rabbit cannot reach the goal. Whoever you are, whatever your business is, you can be easily forgotten if you don’t keep the contents flowing regularly.

No one, literally no one has the time and patience to dig through your past contents. Keep it fresh, engaging and schedule your postings in a regular interval. This will help your website to stay updated and make it search engine friendly.

5. Be a Guest blogger:

Post content on other blogs that are relevant to your niche. Use the DR to filter down the best blogs to write for.

This would result in,

    Referral traffic to your site
    Increase awareness about your business and service

Guest blogger

In this article, I have listed some of the simple but effective SEO techniques to generate traffic to your website. Ofcourse, if you can spend more you can always go for paid traffic generation.
Although, these steps are primary and can never be skipped. This will improve your traffic gradually but steadily.

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